The veneers we use are industry standard 1/32" - 1/42" thick.  We bond these veneers to the solid wood bodies using a catalyzed glue in a vacuum table.  This results in a very stable and durable bond.

We use full width veneers as well as using a  "book match" technique.  "Book Matching" uses sequential cuts of the same log with a seam right down the middle of the part.  When done correctly, this can result in a spectacular effect.

Ambrosia Spalted Maple - Spalted Maple is actually the result of mold.  The mold creates the colors and spots that look fantastic.    


Mappa Burl - Mappa is a light colored wood that, when burled, develops swirls, spots, and stripes.  Looks great dyed!



Flamed Veneer - Also referred to as "Fiddleback", "Curly" or "Tiger" and appears as wavy lines.  A classic look!


Quilted  Veneer - Quilted veneers are rare... and spectacular!  Quilted veneer has a 3d, almost cloud-like appearance!


We also use many other veneers on a regular, if limited, basis.  Check the website often to see what's new.  Some of the limited run veneers sell out quickly!