Tele-Master Body, Alder with Quilted Maple Veneer

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This is a HAND-MADE guitar body, custom crafted by an experienced luthier right here in the USA.  NOTHING, no part of this body is outsourced, it is entirely made in-house by hand (No CNC machines!) using sustainable hardwoods.

The body pictured is the exact body you will receive.  Due to the nature of the wood and the fact that it is made by hand, it is a unique, one-of-a-kind body… we simply CAN’T use “Stock” photos. The body has been wiped with Naphtha to show the grain and figure.  There is a repaired check in the neck pocket (see last picture).  This in no way affects the tone or stability of the body. (due to the nature of the epoxy we use the repair is stronger than the surrounding wood)

If you would like a quote on a custom build, please message us.  Please note that this auction is NOT listed as a “Best Offer” auction.  I am sorry but we do not accept offers, trades, etc.



BODY:  Alder with Quilted Maple Veneer,  3/16" roundover.

THICKNESS:  1.780”

WEIGHT:  4 LBS  14 Oz. 

NECK ROUTE:  2 3/16” wide, 5/8” deep, standard Stratocaster

PICKUP ROUTE:  Front:  Telecaster,  Rear Telecaster

CONTROL ROUTE:  Standard Telecaster


Very nice book matched quilted maple veneer!  Check out the pictures!

This body is sanded to 100 grit and will require finish sanding, sealing, etc.  If you are unable or unwilling to do this, please do not purchase.  Finishing can be as easy as wiping on a finishing oil.  We recommend Tru-Oil.  The only equipment needed is a rag and you can get any finish from matte to gloss simply by adding more coats.  Of course just about any other finishing process will also work. 

NECK FITMENT:  Necks vary WIDELY...  MIM necks are different than USA necks are different from Indonesian necks... Necks off of the same model and same year can vary.  Couple this with the fact that the wood of the body can swell and contract with changes in temperature and humidity and there is no way to assure an exact fit.  Our neck pockets are made to the original USA print but you should expect some minor fitting.

This body is NOT Made in China.  It is made in St. Paul, MN USA by Veterans.
This body is NOT made of Basswood, Lindenwood, or some wood you can’t pronounce.
This body is NOT made on a Machine, it is made by an experienced Luthier BY HAND.
This body is NOT like any other body, being made BY HAND makes it a unique, one of a kind body.

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