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Stratocaster Style Body

Custom crafted by an experienced luthier right here in the USA.  NOTHING, no part of this body is outsourced, it is entirely made in-house using sustainable hardwoods.  

The body pictured is the exact body you will receive.  Due to the nature of the wood we simply CAN’T use “Stock” photos, the body shown is the exact body you will receive. The body has been wiped with naphtha before the pictures to better show the figure and grain.  I am sorry but we do not accept offers, trades, etc.



THICKNESS:  1.750”

WEIGHT:  5 LBS  11 Oz.  

NECK ROUTE:  2 3/16” wide, 5/8” deep, standard Stratocaster

PICKUP ROUTE:  Standard Stratocaster top route

CONTROL ROUTE:  Standard Stratocaster top route

Our Strat type bodies feature true 3D forearm contours and true 3D belly contours.  This body was made on high end CNC machining centers.  Others just cut the forearm at an angle and round the edge where it meets the top.  Ours are cut to a true radius.  This is true for the belly cut to.  It is made to the radius called out in the original print.

We route these bodies in an HSH pickup configuration for maximum pickup configuration possibilities. You can use just about any pickguard/pickup combination with this body.  

This body has been stained and airbrushed with the design as shown.  It is designed to look like a barrel top, imperfections and all.  Other than the stain and airbrushing, there is no finish on the body.  This body will require additional sanding and finishing.

This body has no finish applied.   Additional filling, sanding, and finishing will be required.  This auction includes the body only, no other parts.

Don't see exactly what you want?  Visit our site    SUPRA-TONE    for our CUSTOM order checklist.

Solid wood body.  Pickup routes are .750" deep, control cavity route is 1.400" deep, the .096" diameter holes for the neck do not go all the way through.  We do this intentionally so that if you wish to use a top mount bridge or a different neck plate you will not see the unused holes on the back of the guitar.  If you do wish to use a standard neck plate it is simply a matter of drilling the holes through.  All that is required is a drill and less than one minute.  The wiring hole from the control cavity to the input jack route is drilled.

This body is NOT Made in China.  It is made in St. Paul, MN USA by Veterans.
This body is NOT made of plywood, Lindenwood, or some wood you can’t pronounce.
This body is NOT made by hourly employees, it is made by an experience luthier.
This body is NOT a stock photo body, the body shown is the exact body you will receive.

NECK FITMENT:  Necks can and do vary in dimension.  Our neck pockets are made to the original USA print but you should expect some minor fitting.

Supra-Tone is a 100% veteran owned company and we ship everyday from St. Paul, MN USA. Visit us on the web at SUPRA-TONE.

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