P Bass Body, FULLY Finished, Trans-Red

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P Bass Style Body

This is a SUPRA-TONE imported bass body, FULLY FINISHED!!!  Very nice, thin, high gloss, catalyzed  finish!!!  

This body is PERFECT for those not set up for spraying a finish.  It will make a great start for your custom project!


BODY:  Solid Paulownia -  SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, Averages  3.2 Lbs

NECK ROUTE:  Standard P-Bass, 2.5" wide

PICKUP ROUTE:  Standard P-Bass

CONTROL ROUTE:  Standard P-Bass  

Approx 1.7" thick.   This is a stock photo.  Your body may vary in grain, etc.

NECK FITMENT:  Necks can and do vary in dimension.  Our neck pockets are made to the original USA print but you should expect some minor fitting.

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