LP Type Neck, Wenge Fret board, Stainless Steel Frets

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LP Type Replacement Guitar Neck
Brand new, made in USA, bolt on, replacement neck.  Our necks are of a laminated 5 piece construction. Laminations of Maple and darker wood result in a MUCH stronger and straighter neck.  It also looks amazing!!
All of our necks are made with STAINLESS STEEL frets!!!  Stainless steel lasts MUCH longer than nickel and many players feel that it plays smoother and quicker.
Our Necks are 2.220" wide at the heel.  This is about 7 sheets of paper wider that a standard dimension neck pocket.  We do this so that with just a little sanding you can get an extremely well fitting neck.... Even if your neck pocket is slightly out of spec.  
This neck is machined from a SOLID piece of wood...  There is no scarf joint.  Machining from solid is more expensive but results in a much better, stronger, straighter neck.
This neck has the following features:
1.  Scale:  24.75"
2.  Frets:  22 STAINLESS STEEL frets,  .104" wide,  .047" tall
3.  Fretboard:  Solid Wenge,  12" radius WITH binding
4.  Truss Rod:  Installed and adjusts at the headstock via Allen wrench
5.  Inlays:  Split Block
6.  Side position markers:  White dot
7.  Tuning peg holes:  10mm
8.  Width at nut: 1 11/16"
9.  Width at Heel:  2.220" 
10.  Thickness at the first fret:  .888"
11.  Thickness at the 12th fret:  .922"
12.  Finish:  Unfinished
13.  Nut: none
This neck is unfinished.  It is sanded to 180 grit.  It will require finish sanding, sealing, fret leveling, etc.
We are sorry but we do not offer any custom builds at this time, just what you see.

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