Guitar Body Blank - Mahogany, Strat sized, 14"x16", 14"x18.5"

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Guitar Body Blank, Solid Mahogany

Mahogany guitar body blank.  These blanks are made from three pieces.  Two of the pieces are 4.75" wide and 16" long, the third is 4.75" wide and 18.5" long.  This blank is planed smooth on both sides and is 1.75" thick.  These blanks typically weigh between  9.4 - 10.2 lbs (but remember you will be cutting away quite a bit of wood when you cut out the body). THE BLANK SHOWN IS A STOCK PICTURE AND NOT, REPEAT NOT, THE ACTUAL BLANK YOU WILL RECEIVE.  Your blank may vary in color, grain, etc.    A sample blank is shown with an outline of a Strat body so that you can judge the size of the blank.  

These blanks are NOT Made in China.  They are made in St. Paul, MN USA by Veterans.
These blanks are NOT made of plywood, Lindenwood, or some wood you can’t pronounce.
These blanks are NOT made mass produced by machine.  They are cut and glued by an experienced luthier.

Mahogany has a very nice, warm tone and it's great for clear, stained, or burst finishes.   A great start for that hand built guitar!

Supra-Tone is a 100% veteran owned company and we ship everyday from St. Paul, MN USA.

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